Radio and car modules programming

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Programming VIN and configuration of radio and modules


VIN programming and configuration options


Implementation of programming specific configuration options, assigning VIN to vehicle modules:

  • Vehicle VIN assignment (all devices) – Poziom B
  • programming bluetooth option (all devices) – Poziom B
  • programming the rear view camera (NAVI600 NAVI900) – Poziom B
  • programming DAB digital radio option (all devices) – Poziom B
  • software upgrade from CD500 to DVD800 – Poziom A
  • software upgrade of NAVI600 to NAVI900 – Poziom A
  • programming HMI2.0 and HMI2.5 – Poziom C-F
  • silverbox radio programming – Poziom C-E

Programming is carried out after agreeing on the possibilities and scope of work. For confirmation please contact us by phone or e-mail
After confirming the scope of work, the appropriate Program Level should be selected, corresponding to the agreed amount.

Programming can be done on site in Krakow or by sending the radio module by courier. In the case of shipping the module to me, the cost of return shipment must be added when adding a payment to the shopping cart. Contact details in the Contact tab


Programming level

Poziom A, Poziom B, Poziom C, Poziom D, Poziom E, Poziom F, Poziom G, Poziom FA