OPEL ASTRA J CD400 Bluetooth MP3 and USB

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CD400 with Bluetooth MP3 and USB

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Opel Astra J CD400 radio with Bluetooth and USB options

Opel Astra J 2010-2019

As a result of modernization:

  • Bluetooth option in the radio
  • hands-free phone calls via Bluetooth
  • integration with steering wheel controls and radio screen display
  • MP3 music streaming over Bluetooth
  • USB socket for connecting external devices (flash drive, MP3 player, phone, …)

The set is prepared on the basis of original GM elements mounted in the Opel/Vauxhall. The set includes a factory CD400 radio, the harness with the original GM microphone on a 3-meter shielded cable. The microphone should be installed in the lighting console. In the case of a lamp without holes for the microphone, it can be glued with double-sided adhesive tape. The set also includes an original shelf with a USB socket and a connecting cable.

The radio is prepared for a specific car model / year and car equipment. Please send the VIN of the vehicle to the email address: in order to verify the possibility of installation.


The kit is ready for self-assembly plug&play. The radio is installed in place of the existing one. You don’t need to program anymore.