IntelliLink RF700 Touch upgrade to Navi900 GPS

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IntelliLink RF700 Touch upgrade to Navi900 GPS for Opel Insignia 2014-15

Upgrade IntelliLink RF700 Touch to Navi900 with GPS navigation

Opel Insignia 2014-15


The kit fits Opel Insignia (Vauxhall Insignia) 2014 and 2015 models, equipped with IntelliLink RF700 Touch radio (version with large screen but without navigation). The upgrade consists in replacing the HMI2.0 module with a version with built-in navigation, used in IntelliLink Navi900 and adding a GPS antenna.
The set is based on the original GM module installed in Opel. The set includes the HMI2.0 navigation module and the GPS antenna. The most convenient way to mount the GPS antenna is under the front dashboard behind the display, so that it is not obstructed by metal parts and the vehicle’s roof.


Advantages of Upgrading RF700 to Navi900:

  • built-in factory navigation option
  • easy to install

The HMI2.0 module will be programmed to the car with the VIN, the current map for navigation will be uploaded. You need only to install in place of the current module and mount the GPS antenna.


The kit includes:

  • navigation module HMI2.0 configured and VIN programmed
    GPS antenna (not original)
The module is prepared for self-plug & play installation in the vehicle, one-to-one installation by replacing the existing one.
It is also possible to install it by me (Krakow). The choice with or without installation can be made by adding the appropriate variant to the basket


Montaż / Installation

Bez montażu (without installation), Z montażem (with installation)