Radio - programming

opel insignia 2009-2013
Opel astra j 2010-2015
opel meriva b 2010-2017
opel zafira c 2012-2015

The range of radios available on many Opel models includes the popular monographic display units:

CD300 CD400

as well as navigation with a color display:

CD500 CD600 DVD800 NAVI600 NAVI900 NAVI650 NAVI950

Devices with graphic displays, in addition to standard radio functions and configuration options, also enable the display of a graphical presentation of navigation maps and display of the rear view camera image (NAVI600 and NAVI900). All these devices support wireless bluetooth communication with the phone, which performs the functions of a hands-free set with a telephone book and voice control.

We often encounter a lack of the expected functionalities of the equipment, such as a bluetooth telephone, rear view camera, USB, DAB radio. Probably the car buyer at Opel / Vauxhall Dealer did not take care of such equipment. But it is possible to add the missing options. Of course, not all of them and not in every configuration. However, simply installing the equipment options is not enough, it must be “programmed” in the vehicle. Without this, the use of the new functionality will not be possible.

Programming options available:

  • Vehicle VIN assignment (all devices)

  • adding bluetooth option (all devices)

  • adding a rear camera option (NAVI600 NAVI900 CD600 NAVI650 NAVI950)

  • adding DAB digital radio option (all devices)

  • software upgrade from CD500 to DVD800 (3D map view, DVD800 maps usage)

  • software upgrade of NAVI600 to NAVI900 (3D map view)


Programming of equipment options can be done directly in the car or by shipment. In case of shipping route, the option programming is carried out immediately and the radio is returned no later than the day following its receipt.

VIN and options programming

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