Opel Insignia 2014-15 HMI2.5 upgrade set for Android Auto and CarPlay

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Complete HMI2.5 Android Auto and CarPlay kit for Opel/Vauxhall Insignia MY2014-15

Complete HMI2.5 mounting kit with Android Auto and CarPlay

Opel Insignia 2014-15

The kit fits Opel Insignia (Vauxhall Insignia) 2014 and 2015 models with IntelliLink Navi900 or Touch RF700 (version without navigation)


The set is prepared on the basis of original GM elements installed in Opel/Vauxhall. The set includes the HMI2.5 navigation module and the Silverbox radio module.


Advantages of upgrading HMI2.0 to HMI2.5:

  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • use of Android Auto and CarPlay applications (Googe Maps, Waze, Sygic, Tom Tom, …)
  • voice control of the phone, navigation, radio in the native language (unavailable in MY2014 in some countries)
  • displaying SMS messages on the screen (unavailable in MY2014 in some countries)
  • voice reading of SMS in the native language (unavailable in MY2014 in some countries)
  • improved navigation software, including entering the destination address in separate fields
  • current latest maps in navigation
  • DAB+ digital radio (if  factory equipped or on request (antenna installation not included))
  • more functions available on the radio and navigation screen
  • faster and smooth operation of the entire system

The set is plug & play. Just fit, nothing else to do


The kit includes:

  • HMI2.5 navigation module configured and VIN assigned to the car
  • radio module (silverbox) configured and VIN assigned to the car

Note for iPhone and CarPlay:

In model year 2014 the USB module (located in the armrest) applied in version 2xUSB/SD/AUX. This module does not work with CarPlay iPhone and it is necessary to replace it with the 1xUSB/AUX version installed in next years. The module can be added to the purchase of the set using the offer: USB module for CarPlay

Note for touchpad:

As of 2016, Opel completely abandoned the touch control panel option (touchpad) in the armrest. However, the kit offered by me includes a pre-programmed touchpad that will work as before (if installed).

Modules are prepared for self-installation in a vehicle, one-to-one installation in place of existing ones. It is also possible to install by me in Cracov.


In the shipping variant, it is also possible to send the owner’s silverbox for update first, then the set with HMI2.5 will be sent back together with the updated owner’s silverbox. Shipping address for courier on the Contact page.
Warianty realizacji

Zestaw wysyłkowy (2 moduły) (2-modules kit for self-installation), Z montażem na miejscu (with installation), Zestaw wysyłkowy z własnym silverboxem (2-modules kit for self-installation, delivered silverbox)