IntelliLink Navi900 - video in motion

opel insignia A 2014-2017
opel astra k 2016-

Vehicles equipped with IntelliLink Navi900 and Touch RF700 multimedia systems have the ability to play videos on the radio screen. From the factory, this option is only available when the vehicle is stationary, has the handbrake on or the gear lever is in the PARK position. The software modification of the IntelliLink system enables video playback regardless of the vehicle condition.

 The upgradeability applies to vehicles:

  • equipped with HMI2.0 (e.g. Opel Insignia 2014-15)
  • equipped with HMI2.5 (e.g. Opel Insignia 2016-17, Opel Astra K)
I update the software on site or by shipment (after sending the HMI module).
On-site update time approximately 0.5 hour

Video in motion

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