Android Auto - activate option

opel insignia 2016
opel astra k 2016

In some 2015-16 vehicles equipped with HMI2.5 and the PROJECTION option on the home screen, only CarPlay functionality is available for connection to the iPhone. The Android Auto option is not available for connecting Android smartphones. In this case, it is possible to add the Android Auto option – everything is hardware ready, only the software update is required. To be sure, please verify the installed navigation module (HMI) version and the software version.

The criterion for the possibility of updating is:

  • navigation module HMI in version 2.5
  • CarPlay option in the SETTINGS menu list
  • PROJECTION icon on the home screen
I update the software on site or by shipment (after sending the HMI module).
On-site update time – up to 1 hour

Android Auto activation

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