Replacement of the R400 Color radio with IntelliLink Navi900

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Upgrade R400 Color radio to IntelliLink Navi900

Complete modernization of the R400 Color radio with the IntelliLink Navi900 navigation

Opel Insignia 2014-17

The upgrade includes the installation of modules and modification of the car’s harness. Elements to replace:
– radio module
– display
– display frame
Modernization includes the HMI2.0 or HMI2.5 installation.
The vehicle’s electrical system will be modified to use a different display and vehicle modules.
Modules used for the upgrade will be pre-programmed to the vehicle (VIN, vehicle configuration).

Modernization can be done based on HMI2.0 or HMI2.5. Android Auto and CarPlay will be available only in the HMI2.5 version.
In both cases, the latest navigation map will be installed.

The modernization service is performed only on site, the duration is several hours.


Wariant HMI

Modernizacja w oparciu o HMI2.0, Modernizacja w oparciu o HMI2.5