CD400 retrofitting with multimedia options

CD400 Bluetooth MP3 and USB options

Opel astra j 2010-2019

The CD400 radio was available from the start of production of the Opel Insignia and Astra J. Without any additional options, this device made it possible to listen to AM/FM radio and play CDs. Additional equipment options, such as Bluetooth for wireless telephone connection, DAB radio, USB input, were selected at the time of purchase of the vehicle. For example, equipment with the Bluetooth option cost about 250 EUR extra and with a USB input – 150 EUR extra. After leaving the Opel / Vauxhall Dealer, it was not possible to add additional factory options as part of an authorized Opel / Vauxhall service center. Of course, such modifications are possible (see, for example, Bluetooth module …) and people interested in a good-quality factory hands-free kit willingly decide to upgrade.

In newer years, the CD400 radio unit was modified by factory-fitted with Bluetooth and a USB input. Interestingly, in contrast to the standard Bluetooth option based on an external module, this solution, apart from voice communication, also provides wireless music streaming from the phone.


 The modernization I offer allows you to equip the Insignia and Astra J with two additional options at the same time: Bluetooth and a USB input.

Modernisation is designed for every Opel Insignia  from 2009 to 2013 and Astra J from 2010, equipped with a CD400 radio.


  • USB input for flash drive, telephone, MP3 music playback

  • Bluetooth phone connection (original solution with full radio integration, phone book, voice commands, steering wheel control)

  • Playing (streaming) MP3 music from the phone via Bluetooth


The modernization is dedicated to people who want to keep the original equipment of the vehicle and equip the CD400 radio with additional options and comfortably use the factory-integrated multimedia solutions such as Bluetooth with MP3 streaming and a USB input.


Radio CD400 is ready for self-installation in the vehicle. It is programmed for the VIN of the car. The set includes an original GM microphone with a 3m shielded cable, terminated with pins, which should be plugged into the existing radio plug. There is also an original shelf with a USB socket (cigarette lighter and AUX input) and a cable connecting the USB output of the radio.

CD400 upgrade for
Bluetooth MP3 and USB

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