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The possibility of making phone calls while driving with the use of a wireless connection of the phone to the car’s multimedia system requires the Bluetooth option. The choice of additional equipment options took place at the time of purchase of the vehicle (for example, equipment with the Bluetooth option cost EUR 250 extra). After leaving the Opel or Vauxhall Dealer, it was not possible to add the factory BT option as part of an authorized Opel service center.

The presented Bluetooth kit is based on original GM parts and enables the vehicle to be retrofitted with a factory wireless communication option. It consists of a Bluetooth module, a bracket, a microphone and a dedicated wiring harness, enabling non-invasive connection to the vehicle’s electrical system. The harness is handmade.

After “pairing” the phone with the vehicle, all the functionalities available in the factory for the hands-free set are provided, i.e. voice calls, displaying the phone book and the list of calls on the radio screen, voice control, steering wheel control. The factory-installed BT module does not support the transmission of music.

We often encounter a lack of the expected functionalities of the equipment, such as bluetooth phone, rear view camera, USB, DAB radio. Probably the car buyer at Opel Vauxhall Dealer did not take care of such equipment. But it is possible to add the missing options. Of course, not all of them and not in every configuration. However, simply installing the equipment options is not enough, it must be “programmed” in the vehicle. Without this, the use of the new functionality will not be possible.

The Bluetooth kit is prepared for the specific equipment of a given vehicle. Before purchasing, please contact me to confirm technical possibilities.


After installation, it is necessary to program the BT option on the radio. Programming can be performed at any Opel service or workshop that supports the Opel brand, however, it is recommended to confirm the possibility in consultation with a given plant in advance.

Programming can also be done with me on site and by shipment. In the case of shipment way programming, you send me your radio, I quickly program the bluetooth option and the next day I  send the radio back to you by courier.


In the case of the CD300 and CD400 radios, depending on the production year, with Bluetooth kit it’s possible to send also radio already programmed and assigned to your vehicle for an additional price of PLN 250. Then you only need to replace existing radio with new one sent by me and install the BT kit.

Bluetooth retrofit kit

Buy a Bluetooth kit with or without installation and programming
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